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Pink Gradient
Pink Gradient
A Memory That Once Was - Ebook.jpg

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A Memory That Once Was

One night changed everything. For me. For him. For us. Until the next morning when he acts like it never happened…

Maddox Stone

For years I’ve resisted the attraction I have to my best friend’s little sister.


Unfortunately, avoiding her didn’t make things easier. The feelings didn’t go away, they only grew over time. Which brings me to my current predicament: she’s my new roommate.


Keeping my hands off my one and only temptation will be downright impossible.


Trazia Collins

Falling for your brother’s best friend is the lamest play in the book.


What can I say? I’m putty in his hands every time he flashes that crooked smile my way. But Maddox crushed my heart when he admitted to having no recollection of the night we spent together. And now living under the same roof as him is becoming unbearable.


Especially since I’m carrying a secret I won’t be able to hide much longer.

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